The “Tiny Brethren”

Who are those funny little characters? We call them “the tiny brethren”. They live here. They’re just ordinary people like you and me, except much, much smaller (and two-dimensional).

As you explore, you’ll see them going about their daily business, here and there. In fact, you’ll find at least one of our little friends on every page. Some are relaxing, talking, or just standing around. Others are working, travelling, or dutifully keeping the place clean.

Here’s why we enjoy them so much. Many folks, who don’t know Jesus personally, think that Christians are somehow different from “regular” people. The tiny brethren help remind visitors that Christians are everyday people, doing everyday things, but with a heart for God and a love for other people–both big and small.

And they add a little fun, don’t they?

Just please watch where you step; they tend to get under foot.