Our Promise

The goal of TopChristianSites.com is to connect people with quality Christian websites and useful resources. Why? Because not-yet-believers need to hear and understand the Gospel. Because believers needs to grow in Jesus Christ daily. Because valuable Christian resources should be promoted, so that others can be helped by them.

With these things in mind, we promise to:

  • Carefully examine and thoughtfully approve any resource that we share.
  • Decline approval of websites with unorthodox, unbiblical theology.
  • Decline approval of low-quality websites.
  • Remove websites that are found, later, to have violated our standards.
  • Institute safeguards to prevent spam.
  • Moderate comments to remove spam that slips through safeguards.
  • Moderate comments to remove inappropriate language or images, and ban offending users.
  • Place a warning at the top of all posts that deal with adult themes (like abortion, slavery, etc.).
  • Never sell ad space or host paid ad networks.
  • Never solicit, nor accept, and form of remuneration for linking to an external website.

We welcome your help. If you discover errors, inappropriate comments, or other problems, please contact us.